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Through the Welding Program you can come in expecting to learn something new and design and construct metal products. You can work independently and in teams to create and repair industry-based welding challenges. You will learn to join, cut, bend, grind, and manipulate metal for industrial and artistic applications.

This hands-on program helps you get a better understanding of what you may want to go into for your career path. This program opens many doors through this field including shield metal arc welding, fabrication, gas tungsten arc welding, energy, and gas metal arc welding.

There are so many job opportunities available and the the Montcalm Area Career Center can help you jumpstart your career.

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With this program you will: 


  • Harness the power of fire and electricity to design and construct metal products 
  • Work independently and in teams to creatively repair industry-based welding challenges.
  • Join, cut, bend, and manipulate metal for projects and for artistic purposes. 


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The Welding program comes with many benefits, including the following.

Hands-on Learning

The welding program gives many different learning opportunities for any kind of student. You could come into the MACC without having any knowledge of welding and learn more!

  • Don’t know what you want to be yet? Join and figure out!

Skills and Tools

Skills that can surface from the welding program includes fabrication, DT energy, pipe welding, and more! Jobs as a welder can earn you up to 55k a year! 

  • There’s always something different to do within the welding field.


While in high school, you can begin your career in welding. Going through the MACC, you will save money and use expensive equipment to further your knowledge about the career path.

  • Be in a good shop environment and gain specialized tool experience through this program!

What Comes After

After graduation, you will find that there are many job opportunities within this field. Being that this field is always in need for workers, the paycheck can vary.

  • Some welding options offer a lot of traveling!

Learning Styles

You will learn with your hands, learn in the classroom, and gain experience.

Modern Tools

You will be using quality equipment and resources.

A Team Who Cares

Connect with others around you; they have your back!