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Public Safety Instructor
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Public Safety

Want to investigate different career paths you could take? This program is just right for you as you get to investigate the different fields of public safety. Explore and perform operations such as crime scene investigations, threat assessment, response to criminal complaints, fire services and more.

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  • Fire academy, driving fire trucks
  • Guest speakers from the bomb squad, drug dealer officer, deputy, IM Safe, CMU Muslim Association to name a few.
  • Prepares you for working with diverse groups of people like you would in law enforcement
  • Milo range training
  • Many field trips (FBI, secret service, jails, prisons, driving academy)
  • Big end of year trip: MI State Police Office Training Academy
  • Earn up to 9 college credits
  • Internships
  • Many different job opportunities (canine officer, 911 dispatcher, paramedic, fire fighter, police officer, SWAT officer, etc.)

Program Highlights

Public safety comes with many benefits, including the following.

2nd Year Internship Opportunity

In your second year of being at the Career Center, you have opportunities to apply for an internship. Public safety helps you further your education and your knowledge about the different career paths.

Hands-on Work

 There is still traditional classroom work with books, tests, and presentations, but there is also a lot of hands-on work where you are able to experience the career field of public safety.

Further Education

After leaving the program, you will be prepared to further your education at a college or trade school. 

Real-life Experiences

All of the instructors in the program are experienced in the field and will provide you with a variety of projects and skills that you’ll use in the future.


Much of the classwork you do within the program helps you learn about teamwork, collaboration, and developing long lasting friendships.

Future Personal Use

Even if public safety is not your career choice, the training you earn here will benefit you in the future in learning a few selfdefense skills, laws of Michagan and a better understanding of the field.

Strengthen your Body and Mind

Throughout the program, you learn self defense mechanisms that will help strengthen your mind and body that can help you in future situations.