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Educational Careers

The Educational Careers Program connects relationship building with your peers to the curriculum being taught as you get real life, hands-on experience in the classroom. Being a cadet teacher, learning child psychology, exploring types of education, and enrolling in college classes are just a few of the many aspects of the program you will experience.

Educational Careers is not just for those who want to be teachers, but rather anyone who has interest in working with kids will find this program beneficial. You will gain experience for being a teacher, counselor, coach, social worker, and many more!

The classroom placements are definitely one of the highlights of the class because you can choose a grade level from kindergarten through eighth grade. You will work alongside an experienced mentor teacher and get a glimpse of behind the scenes of being a teacher while directly connecting with the students.

With all of this experience, you can decide if education is the path for you or refine what direction in education you want to go.

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With this program, you will:

  • Have more independence and a college-like feel
  • Be able to choose your career path based on experience
  • Practice making learning fun
  • Gain the opportunity to teach your lessons to real students

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Program Highlights

Educational Careers comes with many benefits, including the following.

Work Side-by-Side with Mentors

Professional educators from your chosen elementary through middle school grade will show you the behind the scenes of being a teacher while you get hands-on experience.

Create Lesson Plans and Activities

You will design dynamic classroom learning activities using modern technology and research-based practices. You will apply knowledge learned in class and will build your teaching style.

Build an Education Portfolio

Throughout the year, you will be adding credentials to your own teaching portfolio that will assist you  in postsecondary education and state teacher certification.

Preparation for College

Through the program, you’ll gain knowledge and experience to help prepare you for furthering your career in the college experience.

Practice Professional Skills

The program helps you develop your skills in presenting, collaborating, communicating, writing, public speaking, and reasoning.

Learn Child Psychology

You will be taught basic child psychology to help you understand working with children and how to apply it to the lessons you teach.

Connect with your Peers

You will be surrounded by a group of welcoming classmates and instructors that are there to assist you along the way.