Zeb Niehof

Diesel Tech Instructor

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Diesel and Equipment Technology

Would you like to learn more about what’s under the hood of diesel vehicles or bigger vehicles like semis, tractors, and trucks? Join the Diesel and Equipment Technology Program as you get to diagnose and maintain advanced diesel engines as well as critical electrical, airbrake, climate control systems and much more. If you’d like to learn how to operate on bigger vehicles then join us at the career center. 

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  • Experience here can help you get a job right away
  • Earn certifications
  • Learn welding along with diesel mechanics
  • Participate in teambuilding
  • Experience more than just a classroom setting
  • Have more fun than in high school
  • Be treated like an adult
  • Teachers don’t hold your hand through projects
  • Go on field trips (go to Ferris State University’s shop + operators course [driving semi-trucks]) annually
  • Drive semi-trucks, buses, tractors, etc
  • Bring your own vehicles in to the classroom

Program Highlights

Diesel comes with many benefits, including the following.

Job Opportunities

After school, you have more opportunities in the job field. After getting your certification, you have more job opportunities.

Work with Industry Professionals

All of the instructors in the program are experienced in the field and will provide you with a variety of projects and structures from concept to completion.

Be Prepared to Join the Workforce

After leaving the program, you will be prepped to join a trade or further your education at a college or trade school.

NATEF Certificated Program

After two years in the program, you have an opportunity to get a State of Michigan Mechanics Certification in diesel vehicles. 

Practice Proper Safety

Throughout the class, you will practice safety in the workspace taught by professional instructors.

Operate Professional Tools

You will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience and will use a wide range of tools used for heavy duty trucks, tractors, and more agricultural and construction equipment.

Future Personal Use

Even if diesel is not your career choice, the training you earn here will benefit you in your own vehicles.